Our Story

Sarah and Chris are ecologists and homesteading farmers, living and working in the beautiful Appalachians of Eastern Kentucky. Before starting the farm, we were research scientists and obsessed travelers. Most recently, Chris studied reforestation and mycorrhizal fungus in Ecuador and Sarah studied hummingbirds and insects on coffee farms in Mexico. We are inspired by the incredibly diverse farms we have visited in our travels – with complex polycultures of native and cultivated trees, shrubs and annuals. As farmers, we apply our experience as ecologists by managing our farm in a way that utilizes the natural cycles of the earth rather than fighting against them. And we’re learning new lessons in ecology everyday as active stewards of the land.

How did we come to our focus on herbs? I’ve been making my own household and body products for my entire adult life, in an effort to cut out toxic ingredients and wasteful packaging. Over the years, as I learned about the unsustainability of essential oils, I started incorporating whole plants into my creations instead. At the same time, I was learning how to use medicinal plants in my own healing journey. I soon fell in love with the whole process of herbalism – as it melded my loves of gardening, foraging and creating. As we started dreaming up our farm, I realized there was a huge gap between the demand for herbal products and the supply of high-quality local herbs- and Among the Oaks Herb Farm was born. We grow the plants we use in our own medicine making and are honored to share them with you, too.

We’re now putting down deep roots in our favorite place in the world, the Red River Gorge, just an hour from where we grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. Our farm is located just outside of Beattyville – it boasts 20+ acres of mature forest and 10 acres of flat, mostly cleared land along the North Fork of the Kentucky River.

But we are not just farmers – we are environmental activists, stewards of the land and involved community members. We do this work because we believe it is the best use of our skills and resources to support a world that is more sustainable and more just. We believe everyone has gifts to share with the world, and this is the expression of ours.